Wednesday, July 29, 2009

Card Folder

Last week one of the challenges on the CardMaker magazine Card Swaps message board Christmas in July crop was to create a card holder to give someone a gift of cards. I accepted that challenge and created just the folder to enter the challenge. I spent yesterday afternoon creating a set of six cards, with lined envelopes to coordinate with the folder. I created the cards especially with my sister and her oldest daughter in mind. Bryanna will be leaving for college in just a few short weeks, and my sister is slightly freaking out. I remember this feeling, and the fact that I spent a small fortune on cards when both my girls left for college...I tried to send them a card about once a week, with a little "care package" from home. So, in order to help my sister out with that I made her this set of cards and now when Bry gets a little something from home, she'll also know that Aunt June is thinking about her too!!

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Lori said...

What a great idea June. The cards you made and the folder itself are gorgeous. The color combinations are fantastic. I'm sure your sister and your neice are going to really love it.